Mosquito Net Distribution Programs

Even the simplest of diseases can have dire consequences for the poor and the impoverished. Mosquito borne diseases are perfect examples for this. While maintaining simple and basic health protocols can safeguard us
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Care Services for the Elderly

The old and the wise are not in any way disposable, nor should they ever be subjected to any form of mistreatment or undignified behaviour. However, as tragic as it is, our society is often found ignoring this
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Preventing Child Labour

Under no circumstances should any child be subjected to hard labour. Yet, the socio-economic reality of Bangladesh compels a large number of children to abandon the premise of schools and employ themselves in hard
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Putting a Stop to Child Marriage

One of the most damaging prejudices that prevail even to this day is child marriage. This bigotry more than often destroys the potential in many innocent children. We promise to eradicate this impediment to progress
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