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Children’s Education

At Riaz Foundation, we believe every child should have the chance to learn. Sadly, some families can’t afford school. We’re here to change that.

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple: to make sure every child, no matter how poor, can go to school. We believe that education is the key to a better life.

How We Help:

  • Support for Families: We talk to parents who can’t pay for school. We help them find ways to afford it.
  • Money Help: We give money to families who need it for school. Our goal is to make sure no child misses out because of money.
  • Speaking Up: We talk to leaders about why education is important. We want to make sure every child has a chance to learn.

Join Us:

You can help too! Together, we can make sure every child gets the chance to go to school. Let’s give every child a brighter future.

Children’s Education

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Riaz Foundation

Every child deserves to learn and grow. With your support, we can make sure they have that chance.





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