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Riaz foundation began its journey back in 2017 with humble steps towards a big dream. This prestigious Swedish organization is a product of Riaz Uddin’s vision for a better tomorrow. The founder of this initiative, aforementioned Riaz Uddin, till this day remains an indomitable optimist and a tireless worker determined to build the blocks of a more equal and just society.

Since 2017, numerous other dreamers and workers have joined this cause. And with their assistance and fruitful labour we have been able to achieve many milestones and improve many lives. However, our longing for an egalitarian future has not yet been met with satisfaction.

We do not think of this organization as one that offers only charity, we rather see ourselves as an entity that is aiming to bring sustainable change in peoples’ lives.

Our target demographic are the ones who are most marginalised in this day and age, the good samaritans who suffer from the ill of fate. If we can abate their suffering even by the smallest of fragments we would consider ourselves to be lucky.

It is our most sincere belief that our service is not a favor, rather it is a duty on our part to provide such services to those who deserve and need it the most. In order to achieve a brighter and equal future, a future free from the indignities and sufferings of paralyzing poverty, we vow to keep carrying out this duty with sincere diligence for as long as we can, for as long as we need to.

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