Children’s Education

Here at Riaz Foundation we believe that, only a generation of educated children will spawn a generation of upstanding citizens. However, we are fully aware of the reality, that even in the dawn of a new decade, not
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Specialized Women’s Education

Empowered women empower women. In order to achieve sustainable progress in advancing gender equality we need to ensure that young impressionable women get access to proper and quality education. However this goal
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Children’s Health & Hygiene

Every child has a right to be raised in a healthy and hygienic environment that encourages growth and development, and protects the child from diseases and traumas. Considering that their growing bodies are
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Women’s Health & Hygiene

We aim for a world where all women are empowered socially and economically to pursue a healthy life free from the claws of discrimination, violence and coercion. In order to achieve that, our first and foremost task
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Clothing distribution programs

It is nothing short of a tragedy that even in this era, there remains many among us who can not even afford clothing which will be adequate enough to save them from hazardous weather conditions, dirt and bacteria.
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Building & Renovating Shelters

Amongst the many unfortunate crises of the impoverished, housing is a major one. Inadequate and unhygienic living conditions can expose people to rampant bacterias and viruses, heat, harmful insects and hazardous
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