Children’s Health & Hygiene

Every child has a right to be raised in a healthy and hygienic environment that encourages growth and development, and protects the child from diseases and traumas. Considering that their growing bodies are particularly sensitive to environmental threats, we need to be extra cautious about our children suffering from malnutrition, unhealthy living conditions and inadequately maintained hygiene in the environment they live in. But unfortunately persistent poverty aggravates these environmental threats. The children of the developing countries are the ones who are most affected by this, and the enormous burden of ill-health befalling on their younger citizens disrupts the social and economic development of these countries. We plan to contest this unjust prevalent state with intelligently built awareness programs and a supplementary food distribution program designed to tackle malnutrition in children head on. Currently our operations are taking place in the red zones which need it the most, we plan to expand our endeavours to reach more children in the future. Furthermore, One of our extended programs is directed towards lactating mothers in need of guidance and nutrition. We plan to execute this project by providing nutritious food supplements and counsel to those mothers in rural and marginal areas. We believe that block by block we can build a fortress to fight this grand war against malnutrition and impoverishment. Our current projects are stepping stones in that direction.