Women’s Health & Hygiene

We aim for a world where all women are empowered socially and economically to pursue a healthy life free from the claws of discrimination, violence and coercion. In order to achieve that, our first and foremost task is to ensure that women recieve the best possible health and hygiene treatments and facilities even in the most remote areas of this nation. As per the unfortunate social conditioning of turning a blind-eye towards female health and hygiene prevails till date among the most marginalised population, we pursue to break the taboos by providing informative counsel on this predominant issue to the demography in need of it. We also plan to materialise this goal by providing women with the necessary products for the maintenance of their personal hygiene. Our trained advisors also offer counsel and guidance solely focused on maternity in order to ensure safe motherhood and good health for both the mother and the newborn. Our plans also include a transportation facility for pregnant women so that they reach the hospital without any hassle or risk.