Children’s Education

Here at Riaz Foundation we believe that, only a generation of educated children will spawn a generation of upstanding citizens. However, we are fully aware of the reality, that even in the dawn of a new decade, not every child has access to education. The unfortunate truth is, while all parents are eager for betterment of their children’s future, some are struck by the sheer force of poverty and left in a position where they simply can not afford education for their children. It is their plight that we wish to address through our projects and campaigns. Our first plan of action is to offer counsel to those less fortunate parents who are stranded in a disposition about whether and how they provide their children with an education. We also plan to inform them about the existing government stipends designed for assisting child education. We have also taken the initiative to provide lucrative stipends of our own through a program designed to assess the need and merit of our target demographic.