Building & Renovating Shelters

Amongst the many unfortunate crises of the impoverished, housing is a major one. Inadequate and unhygienic living conditions can expose people to rampant bacterias and viruses, heat, harmful insects and hazardous weather conditions. All these can result in illnesses and poor health conditions among a demographic who oftentimes do not have access to proper medical facilities. Fatality may come inevitably in many of these cases. It is our belief that no human being should live in such a state, and so we have sketched out programs designed to tackle this challenge head on. However, we are fully aware that we can not raise the quality of everyone’s living quarters overnight, but we have taken up projects targeting the areas which are in need of it the most. We plan to expand this project to a greater extent for a larger demographic in the future with more technical, financial and legislative support. In our current operations, we provide construction supplies and able volunteers to renovate existing houses in need of repairing, and to build new ones in areas which are in dire need of this service.